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Rdio continues iOS interface overhaul, adds social features and gorgeous new list views

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Rdio iOS
Rdio iOS

Rdio has been slowly refining its iOS app over the last few months, but buried in a seemingly minor update to version 2.1.3 today was a pretty major change: an entirely new list view and album view for your music. The new look puts album art front and center, and brings its new minimal, almost serene aesthetic to more of the interface. The app also brings some social features more prominently to the mobile interface, giving you more of a window into your friends' activity and showing related playlists for whatever you're listening to. Oddly, the new look doesn't come through on the iPad, which is still stuck on the design introduced in version 2.0 — huge album art would look great on a tablet, but alas it's iPhone only for now. The iPhone's interface is now well ahead of any other Rdio app, and even as Spotify's app continues to improve it feels like Rdio's another step ahead of the curve.