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Vimeo On Demand lets content creators sell their videos direct

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Vimeo On Demand
Vimeo On Demand

Last year Vimeo revealed it had some new ways to let content creators get paid for their content, and today at SXSW the company is launching its own self-distribution service called Vimeo On Demand. Members of the Vimeo Pro service can now sell their content, choosing the price as well as what counties it will be made available in. At $199 for a yearly subscription Vimeo Pro isn't cheap, but the company is giving creators a healthy cut of On Demand revenue: 90 percent after transaction fees are subtracted. Vimeo has been experimenting with independent film rentals since last year, but the new service opens up that same option to all users.

Movies purchased through Vimeo On Demand will be available across the wide array of devices Vimeo is present on, including web browsers, smartphones, smart televisions, and streaming boxes like Roku and the Apple TV. Video creators will be able to offer Vimeo On Demand projects on their own websites as well.

Vimeo is kicking off the launch of the new service with the film It's A Beautiful Day, which will be available as a $2 rental or a $6 purchase exclusively through Vimeo On Demand. For creatives the initiative provides a new venue through which to distribute their work — and with availability on so many devices it could prove to an appealing option for both independent filmmakers and companies of all kinds. "What used to be a confusing and labor-intensive process is now open and simple with Vimeo On Demand," Blake Whitman, Vimeo's vice president of creative development said in a statement. "We always strive to provide our community and visitors with the best experience possible, and this opens up a new world of viewable content and support for creators."