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PS Vita fire sale in Sony stores could signal plans to axe 3G model

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PS Vita verge browser stock 900
PS Vita verge browser stock 900

Sony is selling the 3G-equipped PS Vita for $199.97 at some of its stores, a saving of some $100 on its list price. Joystiq reports that "a majority" of Sony stores in the US are offering the deal, which also includes an 8GB memory card and free downloadable game (if you sign up to a data plan). Some store representatives told Joystiq that the deal is happening because Sony plans to discontinue the 3G model.

If that's the case, it'd certainly explain why both the Wi-Fi and 3G models ended up at the same price point following an official price cut in Japan recently. However, it wouldn't shed much light on whether Sony has changed its mind about dropping the price on the Wi-Fi model in the US. Until we hear anything to the contrary, it looks like this deal on the 3G model might be as good a chance as any to pick up a cut-price Vita — if you're feeling confident about the system's future, that is.