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Alleged Galaxy S 4 video shows a lot more than Samsung's teasers

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Samsung's rapidly approaching fourth-generation Galaxy S handset may have just made its video debut, courtesy of a hands-on overview from the same source as yesterday's purported leaked pictures. While it remains impossible to be sure that this is the Galaxy S 4, we are indeed looking at a real, functional device, bearing all the usual hallmarks of Samsung design. It appears to have a 5-inch display, with a thinner bezel than the Galaxy S III (conflicting with Samsung's own teaser image from today), and the user interface is unmistakably Samsung's TouchWiz — recognizable by the interminable series of bloops confirming every tap.

The mischievous author of the video plays an Apple promo for the iPad mini in the background, poking fun at the fractious and highly competitive relationship between the Cupertino company and its South Korean rival. He also gives a couple of extra hints, exposing the device's back and revealing what looks like a pair of SIM card slots, and also running through its bootup animation where we see the China Unicom logo.

Yet another enormous Samsung phone

There's the distinct possibility that what's on show here is one of Samsung's Duos variants — which tend to be popular in markets like China and are usually a little thicker than the standard handset — so the final GS4 design could still differ. Nonetheless, if there's any legitimacy to this leak, it suggests Samsung's confident about its current design language and doesn't feel any pressing need to change it up dramatically.