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Jay-Z and 'Chrono Trigger' together at last in 'Chrono Jigga' mashup album

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listening to jay-z on an apple iphone 4
listening to jay-z on an apple iphone 4

Hip-hop has a history of sampling video games, and for his latest album producer 2 Mello has decided to combine two of the biggest from both worlds: rap superstar Jay-Z and the seminal Super Nintendo classic Chrono Trigger. Cleverly titled Chrono Jigga, the remix album layers Jay-Z lyrics over classic chiptunes originally composed by the likes of Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu. What's most surprising, though, is just how well it works. "I wanted to make this to explore the alternate reality of Jay-Z announcing himself as a gamer and going crazy on some Chrono Trigger beats!" 2 Mello explains on his Bandcamp page. You can check out the entire album at the source link below.