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Google launches 'help for hacked sites' instruction series in wake of recent attacks

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Google Chrome Malware Warning (STOCK)
Google Chrome Malware Warning (STOCK)

Google is launching "help for hacked sites," a series of articles and videos to help website owners get things back to normal working order after being hacked. The series provides instructions on how to recover and repair a website, and for those with less technical expertise it explains what hacking is and how they can hire someone to repair a website for them.

The hope is also to remove those nasty warning labels from Google's search results. Google concludes the series with instructions on how to have your site reviewed, so that it will once again be displayed without a warning in search and in Chrome. The release follows a spate of high-profile hacks last month, in which Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and Apple all announced that they'd had machines compromised. Google's new series also appears to be about prevention and awareness, and it suggests that by following the articles "your site may return online even more robust" to avoid becoming compromised in the future.