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Best New Apps: DashClock Widget

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best new app dashclock
best new app dashclock

DashClock Widget is a new widget for Android 4.2 devices that can be placed on a user’s home screen or lock screen. Developed by a Google employee, DashClock provides quick, glance-able information on your device without requiring you to even unlock it. You can see current weather, numbers of unread emails and text messages, upcoming appointments, and more. And since DashClock supports extensions, third-party app developers can tap into it to show you things like battery status, social notifications, and whatever else they feel like cooking up (we’re using a third-party extension to show battery status in our image below). DashClock also gives you some basic options for appearance of the time and date, and you can choose which order the notifications appear in the list. We’ve been looking for the perfect lock screen widget ever since Android 4.2 was announced last year, and we think DashClock Widget might just be it. The only question is, how long will it take Google to just build this in to Android by default?

Free in the Google Play Store