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Adobe 'phasing out' boxed copies of Creative Suite and Acrobat

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adobe cs6 1020
adobe cs6 1020

Adobe's big, colorful boxes of Creative Suite and Acrobat software are going away sometime soon. After resellers began reporting that Creative Suite boxes were being discontinued as of April 30th, TechHive got confirmation from Adobe, and we've since confirmed as well. "As Adobe continues to focus on delivering world-class innovation through Creative Cloud and digital fulfillment, we will be phasing out shrink-wrapped, boxed versions of Creative Suite and Acrobat products," a spokesperson says. "Electronic downloads for Creative Suite and Acrobat products will continue to be available — as they are today — from both, as well as reseller and retail partners. We are in the process of notifying our channel partners and customers as plans solidify in each region."

Adobe currently offers software downloads of the Creative Suite for between $1,300 and $2,600, but it's recently placed more emphasis on its Creative Cloud subscription service, which includes every Creative Suite 6 title and cloud storage for $49.99 a month or access to a single piece of software for $19.99 a month. With internet speeds rising and optical drives becoming less standard on laptops, it's not incredibly surprising, though we've reached out to confirm whether boxed copies of other software like Photoshop Elements will remain on shelves.

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