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HTC One reportedly coming to Verizon later this year

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HTC One hero 3 (1024px)
HTC One hero 3 (1024px)

When HTC announced the One, its new flagship phone, Verizon was conspicuously missing from the list of US carriers. However, All Things D is reporting that Verizon will in fact carry the HTC One later this year, with a launch coming a month or two after the device arrives at the other US carriers. Originally, it seemed like Verizon might just be content to offer the Droid DNA, which similarly offers a large 1080p display, but it appears that HTC might pull off the coup of having its flagship device on all four US carriers. That was a major success for Samsung with the Galaxy S III, and it could help HTC claw its way back in the its struggle to regain marketshare. We're reaching out to HTC and will update with any new information we learn.