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Facebook updates Timeline, moves past Likes with new book and movie-sharing sections

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Facebook Like Redesign
Facebook Like Redesign

Facebook's Graph Search has put Likes front and center, but it's still fighting a tendency for users to list interests lackadaisically. Today, it's announcing a Timeline redesign that could help. The user "About" page will now include dedicated sections for music, movies, TV shows, and books, letting people list not only what they already like but what they're interested in reading or seeing in the future. The sections appear to use both native Facebook tools and existing separate apps like Goodreads or Flixster — newly legal Netflix integration will play a part as well. If you see a title you like in a friend's feed, you can click it to either indicate that you've read/watched/listened to it already or that you want to do so.

Timeline's layout is also being refreshed. In order to minimize confusion, all posts will appear on the right-hand side, while recent activity, photos, or music on the left. Facebook's News Feed got its own redesign last week, and the company is emphasizing its role not just as a list of friends and status updates but as a central repository for your life and interests.