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Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Z10 goes on sale March 28th, pre-orders begin tomorrow

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z10 verizon
z10 verizon

Verizon Wireless has filled us in on the rest of its BlackBerry 10 launch plans: it will begin selling the Z10 on March 28th in-stores and online, with pre-orders beginning tomorrow at 8AM ET. The carrier had previously announced plans to sell the Z10 and the keyboard-equipped Q10, but only today have we learned about its launch plans. Verizon won't be the first carrier in the United States to offer the BlackBerry 10 phone — AT&T recently revealed it would release the device on March 22nd — but it will be the only one to offer the Z10 in white. Like AT&T, Verizon is charging $199.99 for the BlackBerry Z10 with a two-year contract, putting it at the same price-point as the iPhone 5. If you're wondering about the Q10, we're still waiting for a date from any carrier, though BlackBerry said it wouldn't come to the US until May at the earliest.