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Feedly could save Google Reader clients with cloned API

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Feedly mobile
Feedly mobile

The impending demise of Google Reader has major implications for the app development community; Google's RSS service had become the de facto standard for third-party clients, and users and developers alike will need to find an alternative. Popular news aggregation app Feedly thinks it has a solution, though — it's been working on a project that clones the Google Reader API, and says that users will see a "seamless transition" once Reader shuts down.

It sounds like other clients will have the option of Feedly's solution, too; a statement provided to GigaOm says that since the Feedly-created API is supposed to be identical to Google's, other clients should be able to plug into the service in the same way. However, Feedly notes that there might be a few slight hitches with authentication and feed organization. In any case, it looks like app developers are taking the Reader news in stride — the creators of Press and Reeder, for example, have let users know that they are committed to finding a solution.