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Redbox Instant unlimited movie streaming launches publicly

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Redbox 1 1024
Redbox 1 1024

Redbox Instant, the unlimited movie streaming service launched by Redbox and Verizon, today opened its doors to the public in the US, as it looks to take on its established rivals Netflix and Amazon. The service offers four one-night DVD rentals a month and unlimited video streaming as part of its $8 monthly subscription.

Announcing the joint-venture in February 2012, Redbox and Verizon launched an invite-only beta version of the streaming service in December, offering 4,500 movies to early testers.

Users can stream movies via their iOS or Android device, as well as their Xbox 360 and Mac / PC (via a Silverlight plugin). Samsung also offers access via its connected TVs and Blu-ray players. In terms of content, Redbox Instant has EPIX on board — a joint venture operated by three of the major studios Viacom, MGM and Lions Gate Entertainment — although we may also see Redbox and Verizon follow in Netflix's footsteps and step into the world of original programming. While Redbox seems to have a competitive service at launch, it may have a tough fight ahead of it as it moves away from the DVD kiosk — especially with Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Hulu, Amazon, and Walmart's Vudu already offering their own video-on-demand services.