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EA finishes 'SimCity' server upgrades after troubled launch

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SimCity City Hall Protest
SimCity City Hall Protest

EA and Maxis have completed a series of server upgrades that will hopefully solve the ongoing connection problems with SimCity. In a blog post, Maxis' Barrie Tingle said that the team had migrated all the original servers to "faster/higher capacity server architecture." A dedicated page listing the status of each server was also launched yesterday; while there were some lingering problems at that point, the page now shows an all-clear, albeit at a low-stress time. In addition to the server upgrades, a new patch promises to improve "trade intermittency issues," speeding up gameplay within regions.

The new servers have been in the works since shortly after launch, when a large proportion of players were unable to connect to the game's existing servers. EA briefly suspended its marketing campaign, and Maxis admitted it had underestimated how many people would play. While the lack of an offline mode may continue to frustrate some players, SimCity's server problems are hopefully almost at an end.