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Philips DesignLine HDTV features 'sheet of glass' design that leans against your wall

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Philips DesignLine
Philips DesignLine

At first glance, the new Philips DesignLine TV is without question among the most striking televisions we've seen of late. In building the new set — available in 46- and 55-inch configurations — manufacturer TP Vision decided to craft the living room centerpiece out of a seamless, single sheet of glass. That means there's no base stand or "chin" to be seen, with the display seemingly fading away into the gradient-stamped glass beneath it. Even more interesting is the way TP Vision wants you to situate the DesignLine in your living room: the TV has been designed so that it can merely be leaned against a wall. Presumably its weight is enough to keep it standing securely, but we expect cautious buyers may also invest in a mounting solution.

"We really wanted to move away from the current product language used in TV design" says designer Frank Rettenbaher in a video promoting the unconventional HDTV. Chief designer Rod White echoes that sentiment. "We started this project with ambition of creating an object of desire," he says. "We had recognized that there are consumers who want to collect the best objects to create their perfect living environment." As we've grown accustomed to by now, the DesignLine also features Philips' Ambilight technology, which casts lighting effects on the wall behind the set in a bid to heighten immersion.

Despite its beautiful design, we can't yet speak to how content actually looks on the new pair of TVs. Philips TVs haven't exactly been known for besting Samsung and Panasonic when it comes to panel quality. We're also uncertain what impact the unconventional viewing angle of this set would have on real-world usage. UK TV shoppers will be able decide if this is a case of style over substance when DesignLine ships this June for an as-yet undisclosed sum.