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Full Tilt Poker players' reimbursement begins after two year wait

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Full Tilt Poker players will finally begin to recover their money, after it became tied up when the major poker website was shut down by the Department of Justice in April 2011. In July, a deal made between rival company PokerStars and the DOJ resulted in PokerStars purchasing Full Tilt with the requirement of paying back all uncompensated players. An administrator for the claims process has been announced, and information for players looking to be compensated will be detailed soon.

As part of PokerStars' agreement, the company will be paying out $184 million specifically to foreign players. An unannounced portion of a separate sum of $547 million will be used to compensate players in the United States. PokerStars has been unable to operate in the US since April of 2011, but a recent move to purchase a physical casino in Atlantic City may allow the business to once again enter the US market.