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Galaxy S4's 'S View Cover' shows phone notifications through a cut-out window

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As part of its Galaxy S4 announcement, Samsung has introduced the "S View Cover," its new take on the humble phone protector. The S View Cover looks much like Samsung's flip cover for the S III, but a cutout reveals a small section of the S4's screen. With the cover closed, it displays a portion of the display (presumably an "S View") that includes things like the time and notifications fitted to the cutout's size, so you can check what's going on without lifting the cover. The basic idea reminds us of the Samsung Continuum, a 2010 phone with a small second "ticker" screen for messages or news updates. It's another of Samsung's laundry list of features for the Galaxy S4, but unlike the Continuum, the S View Cover doesn't involve any trade-offs for people who would prefer not to use it.