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Microsoft resumes Windows Phone 7.8 update push with Live Tiles fix

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Nokia Windows Phone stock
Nokia Windows Phone stock

Microsoft has confirmed to The Verge that it is rolling out its Windows Phone 7.8 update once again. The software maker temporarily paused delivery of the update earlier this month after it discovered an issue that prevented the Windows Phone Live Tiles from updating. The latest update bumps the build to version 8860 from 8858 and includes a fix for the issues, Microsoft has confirmed. Existing Windows Phone 7.5 users can obtain the update, which brings a similar Windows Phone 8 look and feel to existing devices, from Microsoft's Zune client.

Update: Users who have installed the update are reporting that the battery drain and Live Tile issues remain, suggesting that Microsoft has not yet fixed the problems. We are checking in with Microsoft for a full comment on the situation and we'll update you accordingly.

Update 2: Microsoft has confirmed that build 8862 of Windows Phone 7.8 is rolling out with the Live Tiles fix.