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Google tells developers to 'stay tuned' for Google TV news at I/O

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LG Google TV
LG Google TV

While we saw a few Google TV developments at CES 2013, news of the platform has been fairly quiet. But that could change at this year's Google I/O. Last week, the Google TV Developers account told Google+ followers to "Stay tuned for #GoogleTV news at I/O." Even if that's not a very strong statement, it's a hint that Google hasn't forgotten completely about its connected TV and set-top box project, which has failed to gain even a shadow of the popularity Eric Schmidt once predicted. As another — albeit minor — sign of changes at Google TV, the division is also hiring for a Hardware Program Manager, who will be responsible for coordinating Google TV hardware projects. At last year's I/O, we got a look at Vizio's $99 Co-Star set-top box; what Google will bring to attempt a revival this year is anyone's guess.