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Samsung's gaming controller shows a heavy Xbox influence

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samsung galaxy s4 gaming controller (engadget)
samsung galaxy s4 gaming controller (engadget)

While there weren’t a lot of surprises at Samsung’s big Galaxy S4 unveiling today, one place the company never disappoints is in kooky accessories, and today was no exception. Engadget reports that the company was showing off its own Bluetooth gaming controller, complete with dual analog sticks, four face buttons, shoulder buttons, and a D-Pad. It looks pretty much exactly like an Xbox 360 controller, down to the colors of the face buttons, the positioning of the sticks, and the D-Pad design.

Maybe Samsung will have some better luck

The smartphone gaming controller space has filled out over the past year as more companies try to provide a console-like gaming experience on the go, but there still hasn’t been a breakout success story. Since this would be a first-party accessory, maybe Samsung will have some better luck — that is, if it can stave off those pesky design patent lawsuits. No word on pricing, but the controller should be headed to stores sometime this summer. And if you're hungry for even more S4 accessories, there's good news: Engadget also spotted a Qi wireless charging pad and connected scale for the device.