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Play this: 'Super Stickman Golf 2' is like regular golf, but crazy

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Super Stickman Golf 2
Super Stickman Golf 2

Fishing isn't the only mundane sport that can be improved through the power of video games: golf gets better with an ample dose of crazy, too. Available on iOS and Android, Super Stickman Golf 2 is the follow-up to the beloved original, and it doesn't mess with the formula too much. You'll still be trying to get a ball in a hole while navigating courses that would give even Super Mario a headache, using simple but intuitive controls and helpful power-ups.

What the sequel does, though, is add more: more crazy courses to play through (including one particularly clever section inspired by Portal), more nifty power-ups to use, and more hats to buy and stick on your tiny golfer. There's also a lot more challenge, with some incredibly devious level design involving everything from sticky walls to lasers. The game also includes two different ways to play with friends: a turn-based mode lets you take turns and compete at your own pace, while the race mode (unfortunately only available on iOS at launch) puts the focus on speed. You can check out Super Stickman Golf 2 at the source links below.