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Uber drivers protest for better pay and treatment at San Francisco headquarters

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A group of about 30 drivers have parked their cars near Uber's headquarters in San Francisco and are protesting outside its doors, with plans to strike. The drivers, who aren't direct Uber employees but rather contractors that work with the company's taxi-hailing app, told The Next Web and All Things D that they were protesting unfair practices from the company. Their complaints ranged from pay cuts to mass-firings to the lack of a commercial insurance plan for drivers. All of the issues, including also that the drivers don't have good communication with Uber, are thorny ones to resolve given Uber's business-model of using contractors.

This isn't the first time that Uber has been accused of poor treatment for its drivers. When it had to temporarily pull the plug on the service in New York last October, it may have dissembled when it came to explaining exactly what was happening to its drivers. The company has alro run into resistance from regulators around the county as well as more traditional taxi and black-car services.

We've reached out to Uber for comment and will let you know when we hear back. The Next Web reports that police have arrived on the scene and are issuing tickets to drivers.