Best old smartphone?


I'm looking for phones for my wife and maybe my 12 year old daughter. Plan to buy off craigslist and get service through page plus with minimal data. But want something that works well as a ipod touch-style media device on wi-fi: apps, browsing, Google Voice, hangouts.

I love the abundance of reasonably priced devices just below the flagship level, and a new wave of device launches means a new wave of capable but depreciated devices in the secondhand market. Thanks, artificially short replacement cycle! As an example, my wife's current phone is a Palm Pixi that I bought new 18 months ago for $50 and have on a page plus plan. It's a sweet little phone but is deteriorating and she is becoming a more sophisticated user. Same with the daughter who is using a hand-me-down Evo 4G (on wi-fi only as a media device) which I think was released in 2009.

So here are some baseline options for discussion's sake: GS2 for $150, GNex for $200, or GS3 for $300. But definitely open to dark horse options. It would be silly to get something that won't run ICS at least, so that's a requirement.

We live in

​ a CDMA only area, Nexus 4 is not an option.