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Google investigating Drive connectivity issues affecting a 'significant subset of users' (update: service restored)

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Google Drive logo Laptop (watermark)
Google Drive logo Laptop (watermark)

If you've been experiencing issues with Google Drive this morning, you're not alone: Google's status page for its various services indicates the company is investigating an issue with its storage locker and documents solution. A number of Verge staff members across the US and in the UK are experiencing issues connecting to Drive over the web, and we've heard from other users and seen reports across Twitter that we're not alone. While access on your computer might be spotty, the iOS and Android apps seem a bit more stable at the moment. Right now, it appears to be isolated to Drive, as Google doesn't list issues with any other services, but that's little comfort for those who use Drive and Docs to get work done. We've reached out to Google and will update this post with any new information we receive.


Update: Google has confirmed Drive's issues, saying that it is working on issues that are "affecting a significant subest of users." The company says it plans to provide another update shortly after noon ET — we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for any changes or updates between now and then.

Update 2: As of 11:55 AM ET, Google says service should be fully restored within the next hour.

Update 3: As of 12:35 PM ET, Google says that the problems with Drive "should be restored."