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Arcade classic 'Missile Command' has a new high score for the first time in over 30 years

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Missile Command
Missile Command

Missile Command, one of the most popular arcade games from the 1980s, has a new high score. After playing for more than 56 hours, one Victor Sandberg finished his game with 81,796,035 points, surpassing the 80.3 million Victor Ali racked up way back in 1982. Ars Technica has more details on Sandberg's feat, including how he managed to keep playing for more than two days — he racked up enough extra lives that he could afford to step away for a few minutes at a time. While Sandberg's score still needs to be verified by Twin Galaxies, the "official" video game records website, it's still a feat worth noting — it's not every day a 31-year-old record is set to fall.