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AT&T rolls out monstrous 30GB, 40GB, and 50GB shared data tiers starting at $300 monthly

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AT&T (stock)
AT&T (stock)

It's unlikely you'll ever see unlimited data from AT&T again, but the carrier today rolled out three new Mobile Share packages for its most data-hungry customers. The company's previous shared tiers topped out at 20GB, but now you can opt for data allotments of 30GB, 40GB, and 50GB. Doing so will cost you dearly, though; the 30GB tier demands $300 per month, with the 40 / 50GB options coming in at $400 and $500 respectively. Naturally unlimited talk and text are included in each plan, just as before.

Unfortunately the high monthly investment doesn't get you out of paying a surcharge for every device you add. AT&T charges $30 for each smartphone added to a Mobile Share plan. Businesses (whom the new packages are primarily geared toward) have a bit more flexibility in device management — they can add up to 10 devices for plans up to 20 GB, 15 devices for the 30GB tier, 20 devices for 40 GB, and 25 devices for 50 GB plans. Regular old consumers are limited to 10 devices regardless of which tier they choose. It's hard to imagine any family needing more than 10, but hitting the ceiling isn't impossible, particularly now that feature phones can also be tossed onto Mobile Share plans. The higher tiers can also be had in data-only configurations for tablet and laptop users, with the top 50GB plan running $335.