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BlackBerry's new music video is just as bad as its last one

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Alec Saunders BlackBerry Jam
Alec Saunders BlackBerry Jam

BlackBerry is getting the band back together. In September, the company then known as RIM released a cheesy rendition of "Keep on Loving You" — and now, it's touting its latest accomplishments and wooing developers with a take on Etta James' song "At Last." Like the band's previous effort, you can expect altered lyrics and limited charisma.

As the Z10's launch approaches, BlackBerry has promoted itself every way that it can. The interviews, flashy ads, timely press releases, and music videos don't tell us that much has changed about the company (remember #BeBold?), but it's clear that BlackBerry is willing to do whatever it takes to remind us that it's still around.