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T-Mobile may finally make good on its 'Uncarrier' promise at March 26th event

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t-mobile event
t-mobile event

Earlier this month we heard that T-Mobile would soon unveil its new contract-free approach to wireless, moving customers away from industry-standard two-year agreements and subsidies. Now it seems that "Uncarrier" philosophy could be coming to fruition; the carrier just dispatched invitations for a March 26th event in New York City. "We're still a wireless company," the invite reads. "We're just not going to act like one anymore." Aside from detailing this fundamental shift in strategy, T-Mobile may choose to flip the switch on its LTE network at the New York event — if not sooner. The company could also expand on how it plans to ease consumers into paying full price for mobile devices through installment payments and other measures. And following approvals from both the Justice Department and FCC, T-Mobile's merger with MetroPCS is on track to be finalized before much longer. The Verge will be on hand at the event, so you'll want to stay tuned for the latest on T-Mobile's new direction.

Update: The always-resourceful @evleaks just tweeted an image that essentially confirms T-Mobile will use the March 26th event as a launchpad for its 'Uncarrier' campaign. The text, which looks to be taken from a consumer-facing website or email, also reveals that T-Mo will offer payment plans for "most" phones in its lineup after a $99 down payment — for well-qualified buyers, of course.