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New Google ad for Nexus 10 airs on TV and YouTube

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Nexus 10 commercial
Nexus 10 commercial

With its ads for the Nexus line, Google has taken an Apple-esque approach in trying to humanize the cold, cold heart of Android. The Nexus 7 ad featured a father and son camping together, and now for the Nexus 10 Google is featuring an expecting couple. The ad's hook is mainly the tablet's multi-user feature, with the mother and father-to-be each accessing their own accounts. It ends (spoiler!) with the creation of a new Google account for the baby — because it's never too soon to let the search giant begin collecting information about you. Google is smart to focus on the multi-user features, which the iPad can't do yet, but of course Windows does support it. It also prominently features Google+, Google Play books and movies, and, of course, plenty of Google searches.

The Nexus 10 has previously made a small cameo in The ad has been cut in both a one-minute version and a 30-second version, which could imply that Google intends to air it on television, as it did with the Nexus 7. Update: as expected, Google has already begun airing the commercial on TV.