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Skype for Windows Phone updated with People Hub integration and HD video support

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Skype Windows Phone 8 stock
Skype Windows Phone 8 stock

After temporarily disabling People Hub integration in Skype for Windows Phone, Microsoft is pushing out a fresh update this week that brings back the feature to its latest mobile OS. Available in the Windows Phone Store, the updated Skype client will enable People Hub integration providing handsets have the latest "Portico" update installed, allowing users to trigger calls and instant messages straight from the contacts part of the OS.

Other improvements include the addition of HD video, with rear or front facing camera support, and the ability to use video calling in portrait or landscape orientation. Unfortunately, there's still no direct support for Skype's new Video Messaging feature, but Skype for Windows Phone users can still receive those particular messages without the ability to send them. The updated client is available now in the Windows Phone Store.