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Sky Sports pay-as-you-go streaming arrives on Now TV for £9.99 per day

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Now TV
Now TV

UK PayTV provider Sky will finally allow Now TV subscribers to access its line-up of sports channels, following an original promise to bring Sky Sports content to the service by the end of 2012. Sky Sports access is available for a £9.99 (around $15) per day, with unlimited access to live football, Formula 1, tennis, cricket and other high-profile sporting events.

For Now TV subscribers, Sky's one-day sports pricing could be a deal-breaker. The company currently offers a variety of different ways to access its sports channels; Sky Go subscribers can sign-up to a Sky Sports and Sky Entertainment package for £35 a month, allowing access from their smartphone and tablet, whereas a satellite subscription adds a £21 monthly cost to an existing Sky TV package. In contrast, Now TV already offers an unlimited Sky Movies Pass subscription for just £15 a month.

Sky's one-day sports pricing could be a deal-breaker

Sky's Now TV sports pricing may well serve as a way to drive sign-ups for monthly Sky Go and satellite subscriptions, but one-off access will help those on the move keep up with their favorite sports. Pricing mirrors similar services offered by broadcasters in the US, with ESPN opening access to college football for £8.99 per day, although the NFL does offer monthly and full season online access for £24.99 and £99.99 respectively.