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Apple's warranty compliance 'simply not good enough,' says EU Justice Commissioner

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Apple Store Covent Garden
Apple Store Covent Garden

Apple has once again come under fire for its warranty policies in Europe, and according to senior EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding, the company hasn't made great progress in complying with the law. According to Dow Jones, Reding accuses the company of not properly informing consumers of their warranty rights in at least 21 EU members countries, something she deems "is simply not good enough.

Reding's remarks are the latest in her quest for more oversight into Apple's warranty practices. In September, she wrote to EU ministers calling for an investigation into whether Apple (and its retail partners) were notifying its European customers of their right to a free two-year warranty under EU law. Reaffirming today that the Commission should intervene, Reding said:

This case and the responses I received since I sent my letter have highlighted rather clearly just why the Commission cannot sit on the side-lines on enforcement issues.

The approaches to enforcement in these types of cases turn out to be very diversified and inconsistent at a national level. In at least 21 EU Member States Apple is not informing consumers correctly about the legal warranty rights they have. This is simply not good enough.

Reding also called for the EU's executive to play "a more prominent role in monitoring and coordinating coherent enforcement of EU consumer rules." Apple has already been fined $1.2 million by Italian authorities over its warranty policies, and has seen similar cases brought against it in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and Portugal. While the EU isn't able to take direct action against Apple, it can put pressure on local ministers and take legal action to see rules enforced.