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Evernote Food adds OpenTable reservations and Foursquare ratings to iOS

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Evernote Food
Evernote Food

When Evernote Food launched in late 2011, it was a sign that the note-taking service was going in a new direction — but exactly where wasn't clear. Evernote Food let you collect and organize anything in your eating life, from home recipes to notes on restaurants; you could also look for new places to eat with the app's Foursquare integration. Now, in an update that will put it more squarely in competition with Yelp or other restaurant-finding tools, it's added OpenTable reservations and Foursquare ratings to the iOS app.

OpenTable is already integrated with Yelp and others, and it recently acquired photography Foodspotting to help bridge the gap between reservations and discovery. On the home cooking side, Evernote Food will now let users share their recipes over Facebook, Twitter, or email, and the recipes people save to Evernote's core service can sync with Food based on tags. The update is available now in the App Store, though we don't know when it's planned for Food on Android.