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Watch the trailer for 'Transistor,' a lush sci-fi game from 'Bastion' creators Supergiant

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Supergiant Games found early success with Bastion, an epic and melancholy action RPG released in 2011. Now, the studio has given us a first look at its next project: Transistor, which trades the fantasy-western setting of Bastion for a more overtly sci-fi design. While the gameplay and style looks like it follows in Bastion's footsteps, Transistor concerns a young woman who gains ownership of a mysterious weapon — the Transistor — and must piece together its history while fleeing enemies who want to take it back. The biggest takeaway from the trailer is its somber, sweeping music, which Supergiant says is sung by the protagonist as part of the game's soundtrack.

The release date is set for early 2014, and no platforms are listed, it's likely to be as broadly available as Bastion was. Supergiant is currently answering questions on Twitter, so once you've watched the trailer, you can head over there for more information. And before you ask, the team has shot down speculation that it will have a narrator like Bastion's, though they do say that voice is still "very important to it."