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ESPN and Bill Simmons to offer live streaming commentary for March Madness games

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Bill Simmons and Matt WIner
Bill Simmons and Matt WIner

ESPN lets users watch its programming live via mobile apps, but now the company is trying to produce a second-screen experience for programming it doesn't have the rights to. AllThingsD reports that Grantland's Bill Simmons will be providing live commentary for the first two days of March Madness this year via YouTube. However, he won't be showing any of the games themselves, as CBS holds all rights for broadcasting the basketball tournament. Simmons, along with colleagues from ESPN and Grantland, will provide live streaming commentary before and after the games — though they may go live in the course of game should a newsworthy event warrant it.

"We want this to feel like a looser, more irreverent studio show," Simmons told ATD. "Like a live podcast where people feel like they are hanging out with us while watching basketball." The broadcasts will occur at, starting at 11:30AM this Thursday and Friday.