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T-Mobile 'Uncarrier' pricing possibly leaked, removes guesswork with flat rates for data (update)

T-Mobile 'Uncarrier' pricing possibly leaked, removes guesswork with flat rates for data (update)

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We’ve been eagerly waiting to see what T-Mobile has planned for its "Uncarrier" event planned for March 26th, but it looks like the details have trickled out ahead of schedule. According to an alleged leak posted by Engadget, unlimited talk and text will be included free in any of the carrier’s data plans, which range from $60 a month for 500MB of high-speed data to $130 a month for 12GB — all of which include the ability to use your phone as a mobile hotspot. And if tethering is a lesser concern than your high speed data cap, you can always opt for unlimited data at $90 a month, minus the hotspot functionality. According to the document, "the number of lines and amount of high-speed data are the only choices that a customer needs to make."

It's an attractive offer

The prices are definitely low, but what makes them even more compelling is how simple figuring out your bill becomes. Add that to the absence of a two-year contract, and it’s an attractive offer. Of course, there are still people that wouldn’t switch to a lower-priced carrier without LTE — hopefully, we’ll hear about T-Mobile’s long-awaited 4G rollout plans at next week’s event.

Update: TMoNews has more information, reporting that the "Uncarrier classic" plans listed above will be for T-Mobile's national retailers only — think Target and Best Buy — and are not the same as the value plans the carrier will be offering in its own stores. T-Mobile will only be offering the value plans at its