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The Socialmatic 'Instagram camera' will be Polaroid branded for 2014 launch

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Socialmatic, the hybrid digital / film concept that takes its design cues from the Instagram icon, is to license the Polaroid brand for its camera. As the Instagram icon design was heavily influenced by the Polaroid cameras of old, the licensing deal seems a perfect fit for Socialmatic, even if the Polaroid brand isn't exactly synonymous with quality these days. When we first heard about Socialmatic, it was little more than a concept for a digital camera based on Android that could also instantly print out its images, and the product itself seems to be no closer to reality. Since Socialmatic's inception, Polaroid has reemerged as a shell company, putting its name to all manner of "lifestyle" products.

Socialmatic says its camera will arrive with WiFi and 3G connectivity along with 16GB of storage, but hasn't revealed any firm specs regarding its lens or sensor. In a statement provided to The Verge, Polaroid confirmed the agreement with Socialmatic that enables the camera's production. The company's president and CEO Scott Hardy says that "product design, details, and specs are still in development and the product is planned to be launched in 2014." In the meantime, let us know if you can spot the difference between Socialmatic's bizarrely-voiced-over promo video and our Nostradamian segment from On The Verge.