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Machinima to host 'Portal'-themed live action web series

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'Aperture R&D' screen
'Aperture R&D' screen

Gaming-centric online video network Machinima is set to host a new live action web series based on Valve's cult puzzle platformer Portal. Dubbed Aperture R&D, the series will be produced by Wayside Creations, responsible for 2011's popular fan film Fallout: Nuka Break, and will focus on workers at Portal's Aperture Laboratories, starting on March 15th.

From the look of Machinima's teaser trailer, embedded below, Aperture R&D will build on the game's characteristic dark humor, providing a sort of micro-sitcom for dedicated fans — as Wayside comments on YouTube, "it's made by fans of the series, for the fans. The ones who enjoy the story of Portal, not just campy ingame references."