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'House of Cardinals' brings Frank Underwood to the Vatican in expert spoof

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House of Cardinals screen
House of Cardinals screen

Since its Netflix debut on February 1st, the political drama House of Cards has prompted a wave of binge-viewing, with Kevin Spacey's machiavellian Majority Whip Frank Underwood proving hugely popular. Now, an enterprising writer-director duo has transported Underwood from one nest of political intrigue to another, taking him off Capitol Hill and placing him at the heart of the Vatican.

An extremely well-made spoof trailer, House of Cardinals was uploaded to YouTube yesterday and is the work of Jon Deutsch and Ross Cohen. Predictably, it follows Underwood as he attempts to capture the papal throne following Benedict XVI's recent resignation. While the video's irreverent tone and sensitive subject matter won't suit all tastes, it's hard to deny that it's a pitch-perfect parody, with star Tony Pasqualini even capturing Spacey's decidedly ropey Southern accent. "Take a step back. Look at the bigger picture. That's how you become Supreme Pontiff."