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Thirty Seconds to Mars' new single had a seat aboard the SpaceX Dragon launch yesterday

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Thirty Seconds to Mars Instragram SpaceX
Thirty Seconds to Mars Instragram SpaceX

Forget about late-night talk show appearances — what better way is there to get publicity for a new album than sending it into space? Appropriately, American rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars is doing just that with its first single, "Up in the Air" from its upcoming fourth studio album. Yesterday morning a copy of the single was included onboard the Dragon capsule launched by SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket as part of 12 NASA-contracted flights to resupply the International Space Station.

"Up in the Air" on its way to ISS

Brothers Jared and Shannon Leto, as well as Tomo Milicevic, of Thirty Seconds to Mars, were lucky enough to get front row seats to the launch at Cape Canaveral (pictured above), where they happened to run into some Glass-toting Google employees who were also present at the event. A video of their conversation has made it onto YouTube, and in it Jared says he spoke with Google about using Glass in an upcoming music video.

The band is scheduled to have a Q&A session with astronaut Tom Marshburn live from the ISS on Monday, March 18th, but that's all come into question now that the Dragon capsule has suffered a glitch and won't dock until Sunday at the earliest, one day later than originally planned. Despite the launch, "Up in the Air" won't be the most iconic music sent to space — that title is still held by the gold-plated discs containing music, spoken language samples, and photos that were included aboard the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft sent on missions to the far reaches of space in the 1970s. "Up in the Air" is set to be released on March 19th.

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