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Jawbone's Up fitness band adds Android support and greater international availability

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jawbone android stock 1020
jawbone android stock 1020

When we reviewed Jawbone’s overhauled Up fitness band in November we found a lot to like, especially its ability to accurately track our sleep and wake us up feeling refreshed in the morning, but we had to knock it for being iOS-only. That changes today, with the announcement of a Jawbone Up app for Android. The software is free to download from Google Play and gives Android-owning Up wearers the same fitness-tracking functionality as their iOS comrades-in-arms.

At the same time, Jawbone is announcing that the Up is going on sale internationally, launching immediately in Europe, with Asia, Australia, and The Middle East to follow in April. With this addition of 25 more countries, coupled with recent acquisitions of Visere and MassiveHealth, Jawbone is showing it’s serious about scaling up its fitness business.