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Samsung prices 'easel' S9 4K TV at $39,999, pre-orders start in late March

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Samsung S9 UHD TV
Samsung S9 UHD TV

Samsung's has priced its 85-inch 4K HDTV, now dubbed the S9, at $39,999 and plans to begin accepting pre-orders at the end of this month. The company announced the latest news on its stunning 'easel' TV — easily among the highlights of this year's CES — at an event today in New York. Unfortunately, the official price tag dispels rumors that the set would be available for less than $30,000. But this television was never going to be cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Samsung says the S9's high contrast ratio and "Ultimate Dimming control" are among its most important features (aside from that unique floating design), leading to what it claims are the "sharpest resolutions ever seen on large format displays."