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Samsung's Smart Evolution Kit HDTV upgrade add-on ships in May for $299

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Samsung Evolution Kit
Samsung Evolution Kit

At CES in January, Samsung announced its "Smart Evolution Kit," an innovative hardware add-on that would allow owners of select 2012 HDTV models to upgrade their sets with the latest features. Today the company further detailed the kit, which can be installed via a proprietary slot on 7500 and 8000 series LED TVs along with series 7000 and 8000 plasma televisions. Set to be available in May for $299 (and packaged with Samsung's Smart Remote) the evolution kit will include a new quad-core processor, GPU and extra memory that all add up to faster performance and multi-tasking between Smart TV apps. Seeing as some of Samsung's 2013 models also contain a Smart Evolution slot, we imagine Samsung is planning to continue with this strategy in years to come. And that's good news, since replacing your living room centerpiece year after year isn't exactly realistic for most consumers.