BT 4.0 in AOSP...I think its coming. Google I/O Update!!!



With all this talk about fitness bands and the like...I have a FitBit Flex Pre ordred, I was doing some digging abou this whole BT 4.0 issue. By now everyone is saying WTF? Most of us know the Galaxy Nexus, yes that phone that was released in December of 2011, has the BT 4.0 hardware inside of it. However for some reason there is no BT 4.0 support. In fact it is using the same BT 4.0 chip as the iPhone 4S.

We thought we would get BT 4.0 in 4.1...didn't happen. Then we were for sure thinking that 4.2 will give us BT 4.0...nope didn't happen. Then we were like it will definitely be in 4.2.2.....uhhhh no. So most of us may have lost faith

However I think if we understand the timing of everything it would make sense.

October 29 - Android 4.2 is released with the BlueZ BT driver...version 4.0, which unfortunately did not support BLE

November 14 - Matthew Xie (Android Engneer)...responds to an Android groups post that, "We don't have resource to maintain both Bluedroid stack and bluez stack. Blue support is stopped after 4.2. BLE will be the next major feature we are going to add. Other a2dp codec can be added. We only implemented SBC because it's mandatory."

November 23 - Official Announcement released that Android switches from BLueZ to the Broadcom BlueDroid stack and integrates it with 4.2. Main reason because, "BlueZ was not evolving fast enough."

Novemeber 27 - 4.2.1 Released with support for Bluetooth Gamepads and Joysticks, first release after 4.2 with BlueDroid stack.

December 24 - BlueZ release version 5 with BLE support. However it requires a kernel version of 3.5 and higher. Android is currently on 3.4

February 28 - Google reportedly working on Linux 3.8 Kernel for Android, which has been uploaded in their Expreimental Git tree

March 6 - Matthew Xie takes ownership of Enhancement Support for Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Profile on Galaxy Nexus (yakju)

So with all that I think it was not really too much a Google Issue it was getting an Open Source BT driver for 4.0. Bluez was basically too slow, and now that Broadcom has licensed BlueDroid under an Apache license...the stars are now aligned, for 5.0 to have BT 4.0.



May 2 - Google I/O schedule has been updated with the session Best Practices for Bluetooth Development. Guess who is one of the speakers at that session...yep, Matthew Xie...sounds familiar. Can't wait!!