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OnLive chairman breaks silence, says the streaming game company 'expects great things'

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onlive hq stock 1024 logo
onlive hq stock 1024 logo

It's been seven months since OnLive's famous turmoil, and though the company never stopped streaming in the meanwhile, OnLive's new owner Gary Lauder has maintained a near-perfect radio silence. Today, however, in his very first post on the OnLive Blog, he says the company's back in action, with 90 employees working out of a new Mountain View office and a new SVP of Engineering. Don Gordon, former VP of broadcast solutions at Gracenote and COO at ActiveVideo Networks, is joining the cloud gaming team, and Lauder says OnLive will have a presence at major gaming shows going forward, including the Game Developers Conference next month and E3 in June.

"Significant developments"

As to what OnLive's building, it's not quite clear, but Lauder does drop a few hints. "The Game Service and the Desktop are two great examples of what can be done with OnLive's core technology, but they are just the beginning," he writes, specifically mentioning that the company will share "some significant developments" to its OnLive Desktop service, which lets you stream a remarkably usable copy of Windows to any device, even an Apple iPad.

And the company's newly redesigned website, which puts the OnLive Game Service and OnLive Desktop on even footing, suggests that OnLive's next ambition is an entire cloud platform it can offer to other companies:

So now, the Next Big Thing for the team that built the first cloud gaming service is to build a robust, scalable open platform using our core streaming technology, but with a completely new architecture that will allow ANYONE to leverage our low-latency streaming solution.

OnLive's advertising 26 job openings as of this writing.

"We're expecting great things in 2013, and with Don's vision and expertise to fuel us, you can trust that it's only the start," writes Lauder. We're reaching out to OnLive for a longer conversation, and hope to hear back soon.