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NYC to install touchscreen subway kiosks with directions, schedules, real-time alerts

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Subway map kiosk
Subway map kiosk

Later this year, New York City will begin installing interactive "On The Go" subway kiosks that will assist tourists in getting from station to station. The 47-inch touchscreen displays will be encased in ruggedized steel and placed (in pairs, more often than not) throughout the city. Tapping any subway station will immediately chart out the best route of getting there, and the kiosks — designed in conjunction with Control Group — will count down to a train's arrival and list any delays or outages commuters should be aware of. A digital content loop (likely to include plenty of advertising) will also be displayed.

Eventually the maps could also support MTA-approved third-party apps, according to Fast Company, and will include points of interest so travelers won't need to know which station is nearest their destination. The units will contain video cameras and microphones as well, tools that could be enabled in emergency situations for two-way chatter. Control Group has lofty ambitions for the project, promising On The Go kiosks will "change the commuting experience as we know it."