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Google Currents news browser now includes audio playlists and sync between Android devices

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Currents for Android
Currents for Android

While Google may be kicking Reader to the curb, it appears its magazine-esque news browser Currents is still getting some love. The Android app has been updated today with a few handy features — perhaps most noteworthy is the addition of syncing. Now, if you're reading Currents on multiple Android devices, your read posts will sync between them. It's a must-have feature for any on-the-go reading app, so we're happy to see it arrive here (even though it's the kind of thing Currents should have had a long time ago). Google has also updated the audio playback features in the app. Any news feeds you're subscribed to that feature audio will let you build a playlist of stories to listen to — it sounds a lot like the way NPR's site and iOS apps work. Currents also features some revamped and improved audio controls. Unfortunately, these features didn't make their way to a new iOS app — Apple users will have to wait and see if Google adds them to their platform of choice.