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The incredible shadow-dancing light sculptures of Diet Wiegman

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shadow dancing
shadow dancing

For almost 50 years, Diet Wiegman has created beauty from junk. Wiegman's light sculptures utilize trash, scrap metal, and other objects to cast stunning shadows. His work includes Greedy consumption, an amazing recreation of the globe using scraps of food and a silver plate; Spider, a pyramid that casts the shadow of an Arachnid on a nearby wall; and David Deformed, a 1983 re-imagining of Michaelangelo's David.

For his 2008 Michael Jackson portait, Shadow Dancing, Wiegman placed his twisted sculpture on a rotating pedestal. As the sculpture turns, the shadow sways and morphs before freezing in Jackson's iconic pose. There are images of 38 of Wiegman's light scultupres up on his personal site, along with the rest of his work.