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Nokia Cinemagraph and Camera Extras updates available for all Windows Phone 7 Lumias

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nokia lumia_stock
nokia lumia_stock

Nokia's Cinemagraph and Camera Extra applications are now available for Windows Phone 7 Lumia owners with some added features. After debuting on the company's Lumia 920 and 820 devices in November, Nokia is now porting them back to Windows Phone 7, as promised. The Camera Extras app includes Smart Shoot, Panorama, Action Shot, and a self-timer. There's also a burst mode to take multiple photos.

Cinemagraph is the more interesting out of the pair. The app allows you to create GIFs with the camera, making them shareable elsewhere. The technology comes from Nokia's acquisition of Scalado last year and it's similar to the Cinemagram iOS application. Both apps are available now in the Windows Phone store.