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Chrome Experiment turns any website into a playable marble maze

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world wide maze chrome experiment
world wide maze chrome experiment

Google is having some fun showing off what Chrome can do — the company today released a new Chrome Experiment that transforms websites into a playable marble maze. World Wide Maze breaks down the elements of a webpage, and uses them to create a floating obstacle course for you to navigate a rolling ball through by tilting your smartphone. The experiment wirelessly syncs Chrome on a desktop with Chrome on a mobile device, displaying the game on the larger screen and using the mobile device as a controller.

The game is complete with collectible gems, a goal for you to roll your way toward, and a score board. While the idea may stretch back to tabletop labyrinth games and video game classics like Marble Madness, the experiment most closely resembles Sega's arcade hit Super Monkey Ball. Google's Chrome Experiments program is a collection of publicly submitted projects that show off what the web can do — but Google itself likes to jump in every once in a while. Chrome Experiments came to mobile in June of last year, and World Wide Maze might be the most fun use of it yet.